Liberte 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon (Paso Robles)

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The wine has a definite heavy beginning- syrupy with powering dark cherry aroma.  It has medium volatility and  no strong acidic foretones. Woody texture leads to lingering French Oak. Medium to light tannins. Spicy vanilla after-palate.

Perhaps a good wine towards the end of a meal. Might be better after a bit dry poultry rather than heavy, greasy meats, as overall sweetness of the wine could be confrontational and actually become nauseating.

Recommendation: aerate the bottle for ~5-10 minutes. Will delay and shorten the overpowering sweet (headache prone) dark cherry and bring out/draw out the smooth aroma of the French Oak.

Final Verdict: Repeat for appropriate occasion. Dry white meat.

Reason: Beginning is too sweet and perhaps overpowering. But do appreciate the French Oak middletone that lingers to finish.


The Show 2007 Cabernet Sauvugnon California

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Wine starts very fruity, aromatic, light and acidic with velvety tannins to finish.

Although above average at start, lacks depth and continuity. The journey ends too soon, and the wine goes out of its way to let you know that it has ended.

The wine will shine next to a heavy and very well seasoned meat (like lamb), to initially cut in the broad, sometimes overburdening oily texture of the meat,  but quickly get out of the way of the complex and  seasoned meat. Garlic and oil will pair well. No dry meat. No aged cheese as the sharpness will compete and will give you stomach ulcers.

Overall, although above average at start, the wine lacks depth and continuity. The journey is too short, and the wine lets you know that it has ended. Colorful yet very flat.

Final Verdict: No repeat.

Reason: Need smoother, silkier finish with Oakier finish. Need more depth.